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ScorpNFT marketplace plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between buyers and sellers and will offer additional tools for creating NFTs within few minutes. It will also allow artists to put up their NFT artworks for sale. Buyers could browse the marketplace for NFTs and purchase the item of their choice through bidding. Therefore, any NFT developer or enthusiast is welcome to explore the platform.


About US

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ScorpMultiverse and ScorpLand are here to take over the crypto sector with a devoted graphics team, quite versatile and a diligent marketing team. ScorpGame is bringing its community the ScorpMultiverse and ScorpLand tokens, which will be awarded in tokenomics distribution. This platform is open to everyone, but gamers who own ScorpNFTs have a better chance of finishing the stages and, as a result, earning greater rewards for each stage of both $ScorpMultiverse and $ScorpLand.. We'll create an interactive marketplace where our token will be the primary medium of exchange for trading and minting our games and NFTs.

The Blueprint


NFT Marketplace launch

Q3 2022
  • Creation of new contract
  • Launch on CMC, Coingecko, Pancakeswap, etc
  • New website launch
  • Listing on well-known CEx
  • ScorpLand Beta mode release
  • NFT Marketplace launch
  • Executing small marketing campaigns
  • Setting a permanent office in India

Scorpland game release

Q4 2022
  • Scorpland game complete release
  • ScorpVR Game testing mode release
  • Partnership with some good institutions/firms/organizations
  • Executing mega marketing plans
  • Setting an office and expanding our business in the UAE

Scorpfin launch

Q1 2023
  • Scorpfin launch on Ethereum and Polygon network
  • Scorpland Game mobile app v1 release
  • Holding an annual discussion meeting with team and community in Dubai

ScorpVR game release

Q2 2023
  • Scorpland Game v2 App launch
  • ScorpVR game release



These are some of the brands that our team members worked with throughout their career.


  • ScorpGame is a Blockchain rental platform where gamers may use ScorpMultiverse and ScorpLand to create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences while earning rewards. We'll be collaborating with the community and our development team to create a game that's dedicated to the people. We'll be releasing sneak peeks as the project progresses, with the prospect of allowing some members of the community to directly participate in the development.

  • ScorpGames develops two different kind of metaverse games that players can play and earn rewards differently:
    ScorpMultiverse and ScorpLand
    ScorpGame's NFT leasing platform: enables player A to lend player B NFT, with player B using the borrowed NFT assets to generate gold. Player A will invest in prospective chain games and NFT assets and receive a portion of the gold income. Investing in high-quality chains can help low-cost, high-quality game NFT assets and bring guilds with it.
    You can get a ScorpGames product that meets your needs at a reasonable price whether you're just starting out in investing or are an experienced crypto trader.

  • This application offers a market place for buying, selling and creating non-fungible tokens available at NFTmarketplace.

  • As they advance through the game's levels in ScorpMultiverse and ScorpLand, players receive tokens, coins, and NFTs. Holding ScorpGames tokens is all that is necessary to receive payment for each buy and sell. Your wallet receives the rewards.
    As long as it is on the top 100 trading list, you can pay with any cryptocurrency coin or token. You don't need to transfer cryptocurrency to your bank account to complete the transaction, thus there are no additional fees..