Scorpion Finance a one stop solution for Portfolio Tracker, NFT Asset Tracker, Swapping, Payment solution and Gaming Platform.

Track Your Assets
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Dual Rewards

(10% BNB & 5% Scorpfin)

Scorpion Finance is the next iteration of a reflection token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), world's 4th and Europe's first. The unique double reward reflection will be 10% in BNB and 5% in ScorpFin token. Simply hold ScorpFin tokens and get paid, from every buy and sell.

VR and AR Multiverse Gaming

World's first VR and AR multiverse games in crypto. For the very first time, players will get to experience the fusion of crypto, virtual reality and augmented reality in the multiverse world. Earn tokens, coins and NFTs for completing stages of the game. Think Game, Think Reality

5 Use Case DApps

We are proud to introduce our 2 out of the 5 use case DApps before our launch Scorpfolio (Track any BSC wallets) and Scorpswap (AI swap with staking and farming). More to be revealed in coming days so stay connected and follow our various social media channels for the latest updates


Scorpion Finance is one of the newest and forward-looking innovation projects in cryptocurrency platforms. Scorpion-finance aims to interconnect Blockchain services like Defi, NFT, Gaming, Payment and Marketplace under one seamless, responsive, and easy-to-use ecosystem

There is rising demand for both self-hosted wallet solutions and access to diverse solutions. ScorpFin encompasses the qualities of a secure self-hosted wallet, a DEX, a merchant payment network, Gaming and a Defi farming and staking services aggregator within a single application. Grounded in a frictionless UX and robust security, ScorpFin aims to be the leading wallet solution for cryptocurrency veterans and newcomers alike.

Longevity is one of the driving forces of Scorpion Finance. Come on board and earn a long-term passive income through our innovations. Like dual rewards upto 10% BNB and 5% in scorpFin token.



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ScorpFolio aims to be the leading network for mobile cryptocurrency portfolio tracking management. As a solution, ScorpFolio offers web and mobile application where you can overview and customize your wallets assets portfolio. We have successfully tested our application tool to analyze any wallet with BEP20 tokens.



Pay for goods and services using your crypto currency. With ScorPay, transactions are fast, reliable, convenient, transparent and trustworthy. Building a trust network around the community, customers and retailers worldwide



ScorpSwap allows you to stake tokens and earn more of the staked tokens as rewards. Earn tokens/coins whenever liquidity is provided. Farm by investing tokens to unlock digital wallets and get to earn from the top 100 listed tokens/coin

ScorpNFTracker & Market

ScorpNFTracker & Market

This application offers a market place for buying, selling and creating non-fungible tokens. ScorpNFTracker is used for real time tracking of your collectibles and historical market sales data of each NFT thus in turn rewarding users with ScorpFin tokens.

Scorp Games

Scorp Games

Scorpion Finance is proud to introduce SCORPMULTIVERSE, a type of game partially owned and operated by the player. This is a higher version of multiverse. It's a new trend in the gaming ecosystem where for example users can buy lands and actually experience the lands, become a part of it. The game takes place in multiple universes, starts from earth where the player overcomes some obstacles in order to get a key to the portal that will lead to a particular universe. It's a very engaging game and players will earn tokens/coins which can be accessed through Trust or Metamask wallets.Further details can be accessed on the white paper.




Buy slippage 13%
5% BNB
2% ScorpFin Tokens
3% Auto-liquidity
3% Marketing


Sell Slippage 16%
5% BNB
3% ScorpFin Tokens
3% Auto-liquidity
3% Marketing
2% Buyback and Burn
10% Reflection Reward In $BNB5% of every buy & 5% of every sell are taken and redistributed to all holders in BNB. Hold ScorpFin tokens, earn BNB.
5% Reflection Reward in ScorpFin2% of every buy & 3% of every sell is taken and redistributed to all holders in ScorpFin. Hold ScorpFin tokens, earn ScorpFin. Hold ScorpFin to earn more ScorpFin reflection rewards.
Hyper-Deflation2% Auto Buyback & Burn ScorpFin, 2% of every sell transaction is transformed into ScorpFin (2%) for auto Buyback & burn. Once the system detects a sell, it will auto-buy back a certain value of tokens.
Big Marketing Plan3% of every transaction is allocated to the marketing wallet. So we can fuel the most ambitious project and reward our active community.
3% Auto Growing LiquidityScorpFin has an automatic liquidity pool algorithm (AutoLP) in its token contract with each trade, the underlying liquidity automatically grows 3%. This means a stronger token and less volatility.



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